Friday, March 02, 2007


Here is a START Fact Sheet with warnings to parents considering Residential Placement. If you are a parent or an adult who is considering committing either your child or yourself into the Teen Challenge Program, I strongly suggest that you also read this fact sheet.

I also highly recommend that you print out and compare this fact sheet to the Teen Challenge Daily Schedule , the in-depth Overview of the Teen Challenge Program and the Student Guidelines. You will be amazed by how many of the warning signs that the START Fact Sheet points out that are happening at Teen Challenge!

Also, to get a better picture of the program, below I have included the Daily Schedule just in case Teen Challenge pulls it off of the only website they have it posted on. (It took a lot of searching through there many websites to find this schedule!)

This is the Teen Challenge Daily Schedule:

I recommend that you print this schedule so you can evaluate just how many hours per day and week that a person would be required to spend doing the religious aspect of the program. Lecture, PACE and Study Hall are all centered around the Bible. Add up those times with the amount of time a person would spend doing Devotions and Praise & Prayer and you will realize that the students pretty much 'live & breathe' religion the good part of the day, every day, for an entire year!!!

Also, check out how many hours are spent in church on Sunday! The students must attend church, not once, but twice every Sunday!!! This totals 6-1/4 hours of solid religious programing every Sunday, not to mention the 1/2 hour that is spent doing the daily Devotion forty-five minutes after waking up every Sunday morning!

This schedule reeks of total conversion to their specific religious belief system, which is the primary purpose of Teen Challenge! As I've stated before- Teen Challenge's main goal is to recruit you so they can convert you to their extremely 'hyper-religious' religion!

Link location of the Daily Schedule:
Link location of the Overview of the Teen Challenge Program:
Link location of Student Guidelines:

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