Saturday, April 28, 2007


This is a post I found tonight on the net that directly tells why someone quit Teen Challenge. Click on the title to view the original post.

Prayer for Intercession for Joe

27 April 2007

"Joe left teen challenge yesterday and is enrolling in a salvation army program instead. The teen challenge program was a little too much for him—no visitation, can’t communicate with family—he really wants to be able to see his son. The mandatory fasting two days a week shocked him as well. The salvation army program is a 6 month residency program that allows attendees to visit family, and even hold a job after a period of time. It is also a Christ-centered program. The other good news is that his insurance apparently will cover the new program, which means he does not need our support. I thank you all for your prayers and for your eager willingness to support Joe in this major life change. Please keep praying, but use your resources to bless another. It is our willingness to give that pleases God, not the act of giving. May He richly blessed for your generosity."