Sunday, March 25, 2007


Read one journalists view that may change your mind about all the Teen Challenge hoopla!

Blog article:

Newspaper article:

NOTE: This is an absolutely incredible article and I highly recommend reading it in its entirety!!!

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Susan in TN said...

I have GREAT CONCERN about our judicial system sending our young women and men to this Teen Challenge!! I have a three year old living with me whose Mother they have sent to this place in lou of jail and believe me from this first phone call until this day 4 monthes later I can tell this young Mother is scared out of her mind. I think I am about to tell her to leave anyway she can and get out of that place as fast as she can. They have carted this 20 year old off at least 650 miles from home and I can tell each time she calls she wants to tell me but is afraid to. What kind of Goverment do we have allowing people to hide behind God to get rich and use young troubled teens in such brainwashing and Evil tactics?? I am about to hire a Attorney for this child and she is not even Family to me be I do have her child and I think this is a DISGRACE!!!!!