Monday, May 05, 2008

Dogemperor at Daily Kos: An In-Depth Series on Abuse at Teen Challenge

An In-Depth Series on Abuse at Teen Challenge

Part 1: Teen Challenge: The Assemblies' Own "Kiddie Gulag"

Part 2: Teen Challenge: Coercive Groups Disguised as Rehab

Part 3: Teen Challenge: A Typical Week in the "Jesus Gulag"

Part 4: Teen Challenge: Life Within the "Jesus Gulag"

Part 5: Teen Challenge: Possible Missionary Mill?

Part 6: Teen Challenge: The Depths of Coercion at a "God Warrior" Training Camp

Part 7: Teen Challenge: Sex Abuse and Sexual Predators

Part 8: Teen Challenge: Court-Ordered Coercion and CYA Indemnity Contracts

Part 9: Teen Challenge: Your Tax Dollars, Paying For Institutionalised Abuse



tub3rcul0s1s said...

Hey Karly glad to see you're still updating. Keep up the good fight. Just wondering if you're seeing any kind of link between Scientology and the AoG Complex. I stumbled upon this a few weeks ago... (scroll down)

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...


Thanks for this post. I have been investigating and posting about Mercy Ministries in Australia.

Teen challenge has set up here as well and the two services seem to be very similar in their operation.

Check out my blog if you like

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just saw your website. Wow. I didn't know that TC were operating in a similar way to Mercy Ministries. I am so sorry.

We have a survivors site for MM it is

Maybe we should link to each other?

Anonymous said...

my brother is in one of these places and they will not let us see him and they make him work 12 hours a day picking up cloths so this so called rehab center can earn brother is not an addict.he is there due to a revocation of probation on a weed charge.he is a 21 year old collage kid that got popped for a little weed and they treat him like a meth head with no life...please look into this matter and im sure you will find some very strange things.

Deidre said...

Any place I see a teen challnge lawsuit link I click, but the link is always bad. Is that because it's over? I last night decided to start a facebook page of support after seeing how many people were trying to get a hold of me on the teen challenge exposed. Type in Deidre, and you will see. Here is the page I am starting.!/group.php?gid=104973439546636&v=wall
In hopes of helping people like me heal, and warn parents, that even consider these places.

Anonymous said...

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