Thursday, September 20, 2007

Known Front Groups for the Assemblies of God

Scroll down this page to find the list of "Known Front Groups for the Assemblies of God"-


Anonymous said...

Thanks much for noting the link. (There's some updating I *really* need to do on that--of note, the use of Hobby Lobby and Gloria Jean Coffee as funding sources for the Assemblies isn't yet on that list--but it's good to know the info is getting out.)

As it is, over on my DailyKos journal ( I'm doing an in-depth series on abuse at Teen Challenge--feel free to link and/or mirror. In part it's based on research I've done (on systemic abuse within the Assemblies of God as a whole and within Teen Challenge in particular) as well as info from your site and Teen Challenge Exposed.

Djembe said...

Teen Challenge Drained My Faith

Fresh out of Bible College I a young minister for Jesus hungry to do a work for the Lord. I gave Teen Challenge a year commitment to help around the center, teaching, preaching, cooking, taking working parties out for daily chores. In the beginning it was great. There I was a Teen Challenge Counselor. Working with guys 18 and above with life crisis'. Many of the students had different levels of problems. Drug addictions, Anger Issues, Sex addictions and so forth. The list can go on and on. I really fealt that I was doing a work for the Lord. Working 80 plus hours a week for free. The Center gave me a room to stay in free of rent. Within months all if any of my free time was to do duties for the Center. Everyday they would drop me off in a empty car lot to sell peaches to raise money for the center. Many of those summer days in MO was over 100 degrees out. I would sit there with no shaded tent or any shade to try to keep cool selling peaches for hours each day. No one to check up on me to see if I needed something to drink or to use the restroom. This was just a part of my duties with Teen Challenge. I would have to take the students of the program to do odds and ends, cleaning churches, jopping wood in a area of land that was going to be the new center. The list can go on and on. Always being task to do something. At first it was great, but very fastly I started to get burnt out. My faith started to slip being a non-stop worker for Teen Challenge. I would have to prepare the breakfast and dinners for the students everyday. Try to get sermons together to preach the morning chapel service. Like I said the list went on and on. Doing this all free (a work for the Lord). Money began to get tight for me. So I took on a part time job serving tables. I would work hard trying to make my tip money. Then back to Teen challenge to watch the students till their bedtime. Weekends we would go on retreats at different churches to raise money for the center. My duty was to drive the van of students from one location to the next. Wed nights I attended a small church, my duty was to bring the students with me. The more I worked for Teen Challenge the more my soul dried up spiritually. I wanted to do a work for the Lord, but at the same time I could see that this program that I worked for would brain wash the students with Jesus. I started to relize I was a part of this. The message of Jesus was non-stop all the time for the students. There was no other conclusions for the students, but Jesus. Non-stop work for the students and non-stop work for me to help raise money for the program with Jesus being the only answer to all problems. The more I worked and promoted this message the more I started to lack in this faith. More students left the program with going back to prison or back to their old lifestyles than students really being helped. Seeing this on a weekly basis was very discouraging. The overcome of my experience of giving my Life to Teen Challenge was me walking away from God and not having that hunger I once had to do a work for the Lord. I ended up going to my prior lifestyle before my bible school days. I believe Teen Challenge pushed me in that direction. Thank God this has been about 6 years now since I worked there. I still look back and can not believe I was led in that direction. I was thinking I was doing a work for the Lord, but really I was making money for Teen Challenge. I do feel I was taken advantage of, young out of bible college not really knowing much about the real world and made into a slave for Teen Challege. A young man I was thinking I was doing a work for the Lord. I was not the only counselot at this center that was taken advantage of. We did have a cook a prior student who was worked to death. He ended up leaving and killing himself. There was two other workers right before me that left this center drained and turning to Drugs and Alcohol. They all thought in the beginning they were doing a work for the Lord. Im now in the Navy doing very well with a wonderful wife and baby on the way. Looking back I really wish I didn't get involved with Teen Challenge. I think my faith wouldn't have drifted away like it did.

Please list for others to read a different view, not coming from a parent or student perspective, but from a prior Teen Challenge Counselor.