Sunday, July 01, 2007

Understanding Why Eureka, CA Residents Have So Many Issues With Teen Challenge

To truly understand all aspects of the issues that many residents in Eureka, CA have been dealing with regarding Teen Challenge, one would have had to have been paying close attention to the newspapers in this city. When the articles are read in order, as a whole, you will begin to fully understand why so many people fought to stop Teen Challenge from operating in Eureka. You will hear much frustration as residents try to stand on their own to fight a battle that literally seems to be a no-win situation. They are left with some very important, unanswered questions, just as you will be.

From this point out, not only will the posts on my blog make much better sense to you, but you will also learn about aspects that you may not have even known about how Teen Challenge operates!

Below, I have posted the news articles from both the Times-Standard and The Eureka Reporter. Please take the time to read them before Teen Challenge comes to a city near you!

Below are the articles on the Teen Challenge Issue in Eureka, CA from the The Times-Standard:
"God works in mysterious ways preventing that "faith based" B.S. from setting up shop."

Below are the articles on The Teen Challenge Issue in Eureka, CA from the The Eureka Reporter:


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